A few months ago we came across a flyer announcing guitar lessons hosted by the local government.
We signed Josu up right away; we had been looking for an activity for him - something that would keep his Spanish sharp and allow him to get to know other kids in our community.

All in all the experience has been  . . . pretty good . . . I've been able to chat with the other mamas, and Josu has run into a few of the students in our local park;

(It wasn't so cool that time when Josu's teacher came to class wearing a t-shirt with a naked lady on it,  "it's ok, it's ok" I reminded myself .  . . (breathe, breathe!) "we are here to know and love our community;  this will just provide an opportunity to have a good conversation with Josu" . . . right?)

We showed up to class last week only to find out that class had been canceled.  I joined up with a couple of other mamas to track down the director of cultural events for the local government and get some more information.  Apparently the 10x10 building that housed the class had been deemed unfit for children; class was canceled until further notice.  
Well, (... I tried not to look too excited) my family would love to participate in helping to make the building fit for children.
In fact, we have a hole group of friends (um... our bible study community!) who value their neighborhood and want to be a part of making it beautiful.
Could we scrub?  Could we paint?  Could we be part of finding the solution?

I don't think the Director quite knew what to do with me.
She nodded at me with a furrowed brow and took down my information;
then promised to call if there was some way that we could contribute.

I don't think she'll call.

That's ok.

I can go back.  Maybe I'll take in a written proposal, or maybe I'll just pop in and say hi - and then go back a week later and ask her if she could have a coffee (or taco?) with me so I can run some ideas by her.


That day we stopped by the pastry store with the cousins and cheered Landis on as he rode on the cute mechanical horse: