Life is put on pause as we have been hit with fevers, tummy aches and snotty noses.
this means more soups, more read-alouds, more naps, more hot drinks.

I found I could buy fresh camomile at my little corner store.
I boiled it up, served it to my poor, sick family, and asked for feedback.

Joshua says - "pretty good"
Malachai says - "tastes like artichoke water"
(I guess I'll make some more tomorrow)   

Our Christmas morning walk: There were no moving cars anywhere;  it was astounding - - we could have crossed the streets without even looking (but we did anyways, because we're western influenced that way)


Christmas:  the kids snuck into our room and climbed into bed with us this morning; we snuggled for a while and then Malachai ran and got the bible so that we could read the story - - the story that was the culmination of thousands of years of history . . . the story of God becoming man to rescue humanity.

crazy stuff, I tell you;
and sweet and wonderful and good and true. 

Jesus is the best gift;
the best gift ever.


Selma and I ran some errands yesterday;  we picked up a leafy branch and toted it home (sorry random man;  my little girl didn't mean to almost poke your eye out with her branch).
we wrapped it into a wreath.
we thought it looked nice.
Josu thought that it looked preeeeetty good, but that it needed something on it to make it fancier.
(I could have told you he would have said that; I need to check Selma's ribbon drawer for a little something fancy)

1. we will pass out christmas cookies to our neighbors
2. I will look for some Kinder eggs to put in the kids stockings
3. we will whip up some cinnamon rolls and pop them in our fridge for our Christmas morning (I think it's been about five years since I made cinnamon rolls;  I'm hoping it all goes right)
4. Joshua teaches at the Christmas eve service of a church nearby (do you want to come?  please do!)


Did we see the world's cutest puppy at the flea market last Saturday?
I'm pretty sure Selma thinks we did:


where should the tree go?
"right here" says Selma.


We walked to the little bakery just around the corner this morning (to get some sun-dried tomato focaccia bread - their Saturday specialty), and then to the flea market - two of our favorite Saturday morning activities.

And on our way home God took the thread of our lives and crossed it with a couple of lovely ladies that we met last year when Joshua preached at an English speaking international church.

They were looking for the flea market;
I told them that we were only a block from our house - that they had to come over for some coffee (the flea market could wait)

so our sidewalk meeting turned into a coffee;
Our coffee turned to lunch;
and somehow
our lunch turned into a fantastic christmas tree hunt.

Not bad for a sidewalk meeting. . . . 

p.s. even though I just blogged about Christmas trees, I reserve the right to blog about Thanksgiving some time later on this week if I want.  


Joshua grew up in Bakersfield.
have you heard of it?
It's located somewhere north of LA and south of San Francisco.
I don't think I had ever heard of Bakersfield before I met Joshua.

I like Bakersfield for two reasons:
1.  the man I love grew up there (even if he does like to playfully boast that he was one of the few who was able to escape  . . .  it is his origin) 
2. Dewars ice cream shop ("a family tradition for over 100 years!")

We stopped by Dewars last month - on our way back from our Thanksgiving celebration at the Smith family cabin.  I got peppermint iced-milk, like I always do.  Selma got bubble gum ice cream with gummy bears on top.   


We are back home.
back in Mexico.

it's our Mexico now.

we've been to our coffee shop . . .
caught up on news from our favorite waiters;
we've walked to our parks,
and shopped for some kitchen basics at our little corner market.

it's good to be home.


Goodness!  was that really a month ago?
We baked up a cake and took it to a favorite neighborhood hangout to share with our friends (and the waiters and the kitchen staff . . . who will soon be our friends too . . . just wait and see!)

the cake may or may not have been leaning to the left;
and I may or may not have sliced the bottom off trying to straighten it . . . only to make it then lean to the right.
I don't want to talk about that right now.

I would rather tell you how my five year old baby hopped on an airplane the next day, and had another birthday party in an other country.  
cheeky girl.

Selma, at 5 you are:
vibrant and alive,
an amazing kitchen helper, 
a little bit bossy (we'll call you "a strong leader"?), 
the first to join in on a song or dance,
a kind friend,

I'm glad to live life with you, sweet girl.


Joshua took this picture of me a couple of weeks ago.
I like it - I look all content (and kind of goofy)
lately, that sums me up pretty well.

I've traveled around the world this month.
I've seen wonderful things and beautiful people . . . shiny, modern buildings and brown rolling fields.
I've loved and been loved;
I've cried out to God and begged him to pour out more grace in the lives of the ones I love . . . and I've rested because I know he's good.
I've snuggled with my friend's children and have smiled to watch them snuggle with my own.
I've eaten well,
and had about a hundred coffees.

see? I have reasons to be content. . .