There is something altogether spectacular about the concept of God becoming man in order to bring peace on earth - - reconciliation between God and man! 

It takes my breath away every year. 

We went to the local market this weekend to get our tree 
and our piƱata
(of course) 
Tell you what, it can be a stressful thing to go to the tree yard in Mexico City.  Every tree vendor is convinced they have the perfect tree for you; they'll call out  persistently and even drag their trees over for you to admire.  One tree vendor caught my eye lingering on a tree and told me "ah yes, that's a good tree; it's skinny - just like the ones they are selling in France!" (ha!)  

I was glad to have Joshua along - he has mastered the skill of haggling with the tree vendors and having a good laugh along the way. 

Also, my guys carried our tree home.  
I feel so urban.