Mexico has little bananas.
They're not all little, of course
but you can get them that way if you want.

Josu loves these babies;  he can eat about twenty of them in one sitting.

When we got out the little bananas for breakfast this morning, we had a photo shoot with them. 
it just seemed right.


Sometime Josu asks me to race him;
I usually say yes.

Sometimes he asks me if I would rather  run-race or skip-race.

and I'm like - "um skip-race, of course"
because there is very little in life that makes me as happy as seeing Josu skip.
(If you ever saw him skip,
you would totally understand)


Do you ever have those days where you crash into bed late at night  - and you only have 30 seconds of mental awareness left in you- and you use it all to thank God that the bits of your day that seemed out of your control were not out of his control?

And then you wake up the next morning begging God for grace to patiently love your (bickering) children . . . because you are painfully aware of the sin in your own heart, and you are desperate for the help that only Jesus can give?

I think I've had a week of those days.
I'm tired.
but I'm thankful for those days.

They remind me that I can't live without Jesus;
and that he is always enough.