These two: just had another round of pure tens on their report cards.

I'm so proud of them.
It's not about the tens, really . . . the truth is, that their education  in the Mexican public school system is not all the rigorous; I expect my kids to be able to master the academic concepts being presented to them . . .

But these tens! They signify so much more than memorized information; they are reminders to me of how hard they have worked to figure out another system! The concepts of creativity, order, and authority are just so different at school than they are at home . . . and the tens remind me that they have learned how to communicate respect to their teachers, that they have learned to manage their notebooks in just the right Mexican way . . . that they have learned to get work done in a classroom that is often noisy and chaotic.

Well done, my loves, well done!


  1. Hmmm,I'm so proud of them too! Abrazos. . .

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  3. Hi Naomi!! I hope you see this--I couldn't find a contact info on here & I messaged your family's FB page but don't know if it went through! I found your blog through A Cup of Jo and absolutely adore you're notes & photos & glimpses of life in Mexico City:) I'm moving there at the end of August and am looking for a Christian community there..I'd love to talk to you about it!! Xo

    1. Awe, Madeleine! Thank you for your kind comment! I had actually seen your message on FB, and the following day, when I went to reply, it had mysteriously disappeared, and I had no idea how to find you, so I'm glad you tracked me down me again :) We would absolutely love to meet up with you. Please, please let us know when you arrive; we want take you out to coffee, hear your story, and tell you everything we love about our community! my email is: naomismith.hellohellohola (at) gmail (dot) com

    2. Naomi, so wonderful:) Thanks so much for responding, I'll be in touch when it gets closer to my arrival!!! :) :)

  4. Such a gorgeous post! And bravo for tens. It is no small feat to adjust to a different system. What lovely children you have!