Mexican manners

On Wednesdays Selma goes to a local school to participate in their dance classes.
On our way home we stop for tamales.
We stop at the stand on the corner.
The one with the blue umbrella.

The first time we stopped there, Selma said to the tamale lady:
"Señora, sus tamales de salsa verde son riquísimos"
"Señora, your green salsa tamales are delicious"

Now Selma gets the royal treatment.
every time.


This week:
  • A friend took my boys to a monster truck jam. Malachai got his favorite shirt autographed;  we have amazing friends
  • We are giving and getting extra love
  • We sent off an important letter 
  • I took my flat-footed Malachai to get fitted for insoles. Apparently you can also buy avocados at the Orthopedic office
  • Sometimes Josu gets very, very angry. I have been sending him to read in my room for 15 minutes when I hear him explode.  Then we snuggle and talk.  It's been so good