Mexico has little bananas.
They're not all little, of course
but you can get them that way if you want.

Josu loves these babies;  he can eat about twenty of them in one sitting.

When we got out the little bananas for breakfast this morning, we had a photo shoot with them. 
it just seemed right.


  1. Totally charming. Wish there was a way to incorporate the sheer delight of these photos into the Mexico City Team opportunities on the website. A thing to ponder awhile.... Definitely put a big smile on my face today! --Donna, EFCA Communications

  2. well, if I didn't already know these sweet children, the banana photos tell it all, about each one. . .

  3. baby bananas -- my favorite!! i almost got as excited about my memories of these bananas as i got by the pictures (brett mostly liked the pictures -- which of course are great like always)

  4. this brings a huge smile to my face. i can just hear their giggles... :-)

    miss you all.

  5. Hi Naomi,

    I came to your blog through Cup of Jo and I can't stop reading. I finally had to make myself pause to drop you a note, just to let you know.

    Your photography is stunning. I love the white walls in your house and the huge windows. And your red-headed babies. Oh, and your frank way of writing.


    1. hey! I stumbled onto YOUR blog and did my fair share of exploring your files a couple of weeks ago! (I have no idea how? maybe the mamacongo blog?)

      your compliments are kind and generous; thank you Jennifer!

    2. Oh, that's funny! I've been thinking about you and your family all day. You guys were even part of our conversation on our walk to work this morning (nothing bad, promise!). I find your story/lives so intriguing. And we're practically neighbors, so there's that, too. xo!

    3. oh! we like to be talked about; if you have any suggestions for us that come out in your conversation, just let us know! :)

      . . . and we're totally neighbors . . .