1. This year's Christmas story cut-out:  the shepherds by Josu, the kings by Malachai, and Mary and Joseph leaning over the manger by Selma (please, please notice that Mary and Joseph have hearts hovering over their babe.  Thank you, sweet girl, for that lovely detail.)   last year's cut-outs here.

2. we pulled mistletoe off the tree just outside our window.  Josu crouches underneath the doorknob until I smooch him.  Selma crouches there too, but then runs away so that I can't kiss her.  stinker.

3. Risk: world domination is becoming Christmas tradition.  (seems kind of anti-Christmas, huh?)

4. the best ornaments:  the ones that remind us of people dear to us

5. We decorated gingerbread houses with friends from our old neighborhood.  These friends teach us how to be more Mexican, they care for our hearts, make us laugh, and don't complain about holding a conversation over the ruckus of 8 crazy kids tearing through our tiny apartment.  I'm so thankful for them! 


  1. See, those new windows are lovely, the light awesome and the cut outs amazing.
    Miss you all

    1. yes . . . they STILL let in so much light! :) miss you too!