Malachai: We had a meeting with your teacher this week to ask her if she had any any recommendations about what jr. high we should send you to next year (public? private? big? little?) She said "I know this about Malachai - he is a great kid; he will thrive anywhere he goes"

Josu: I asked you to stand right in the middle of the sidewalk and I took your picture. You smirked and said "you wanted me to stand here so that you could take a picture of the guy playing guitar, didn't you?" you know me.

Selma: I keep finding you reading books in English.  I haven't worked with you on your English reading at all this year; I'm thankful that you took it into your own hands.  


  1. They are so beautiful. My heart swells with joy when I see them growing and learning so much! We miss you guys. :)

  2. aaaawe! Thanks Allie! come and visit! :)

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