and just like that - - Josu is five

Josu is five. He tells me that he can run faster and jump higher; and he wonders if there is a problem because he still can't read. He expected five to bring literacy, apparently. (I would have liked that for him too)

I had all sorts of fantastic birthday party ideas for him
"How about a fishing party!? We could have magnetic fishing poles and fish for prizes!"
"nope. Star Wars"
"How about a space party!? we could make a gigantic rocket out of a refrigerator box!"
"nope. Star Wars"
. . . and this mama, who says no to so many other things (um, like that horrendous Star Wars backpack, and every Star Wars t-shirt that we pass in every store) decided to say yes to a Star Wars birthday party.
sometimes it's nice to say yes.
he didn't even notice that the Star Wars cake was pretty much the ugliest cake ever made)


  1. I was reading this with May at my side (who is also not literate but fully convinced that she is- we hear whacked out bible stories very often. In fact she is quietly reading what I am typing) and she saw the picture, didn't blink at the cake but whispered in small admiration, "Look at those pants she's wearing. Those are so cute...look at those pants, Mom....". Maybe those pants are so cool they distracted Josu from the cake...which I thought was pretty cool. Did you make those little star shaped chocolate things?

  2. okay so the pants are a dress. sorry.

  3. well . . . the pants are kind of a tunic/shirt that I'm still figuring out how to wear . . .

    but tell May Thank YOU! (and kiss her on the forehead and tell her how cute I think she is!)

  4. I love the way Josu just glows on his birthday....I had to click back and look at pictures of his other birthdays to confirm this -- remember last year, where he got to be king of his class for the day? He was a very, very happy king. He has a similarly contented look on his face this year, and it makes me want to smile back at him : )