cake and bbq; but not together.

Tomorrow we have a little birthday party for Selma.
we invited some old friends
and some new friends.
"my girls" Selma calls them.
we're both excited.

So we baked her birthday cake today.
And since I had the oven going already, I decided it was the right time to cook the ribs I had in the fridge.
I bought them last week to make these:
six hours later, when I pulled those bad boys out of the oven
it was too hot in my kitchen to eat them in my kitchen,
so we all carried our plates to the front yard and dined under the stars.
Not that we could see the stars,
but I'm sure they were there; and that was nice.

p.s. I discovered that if I reduced my bbq sauce way, way too much
it turns into a caramel of sorts,
I think I could probably pour it into a buttered 8x8 pan,
cut it into cubes,
wrap it in wax paper
and sell it to someone.

there must be a niche market out there for bbq caramels. I've just got to find it.


  1. Wish we were there for her birthday! Happy Be-lated Birthday, my Selma!

  2. i like your blog! Thanks for writing. You are cool!