the best gift. ever.

Jesus, son of God, creator of the universe,
born as a man
to carry out the most incredible rescue plan known to mankind.

breathtaking .

We had the loveliest sort of Christmas morning with Jim and Ginny; we had eggs and bacon and fresh squeezed orange juice, and read that amazing story about God becoming man - - in Spanish and then in English (did you know that the Jesus Storybook Bible is finally translated into Spanish? this makes me so happy. I have been doing some shady on-the-spot translating of our english Storybook Bible for the kids for the past few months; I'm glad to have someone else do the translating for me!)

And we spent hours opening our pile of gifts; because gifts must be opened one at a time, and talked about and passed around. I'm convinced that it really is the best way way for a gift to be given and received. I wonder how you open Christmas gifts with your families? please tell me!


  1. i almost bought you guys that Bible before we had a budget (I saw it in B&N) -- and since we now HAVE a budget, i had it on my buy-in-the-future list! let me know when it falls apart from all the loving and i'll...er, we!...will buy the replacement : )

    it makes me happy to think of your little ones paging through that book.

  2. We have that Bible too! I love it!

  3. oh man, you know what would make me ecstatic? - - is if they produced a CD in spanish with the the reading as awesome as it is english. I need that - - big time

  4. in exactly the same way! we spend hours...everyone takes turns, then we break for coffee and pastries, and start all over again!