I peeled my eyes open at 8:30 this morning. I hadn't heard the kids yet so I thanked God that they had slept in. I came out of my room and found out that Ginny had been watching them since 7. So then I thanked God for such an amazing mother-in-law.
As I proceeded to ease my way into the waking world, Ginny lead the kids in a rousing game of domino's (what I like to call "fun math" - - yep, that's counting towards school work); I found a sunny corner and flipped through cooking magazines and had cheese and jalapenos on Triscuits, and coffee - - all at the same time. I thought that maybe my breakfast seemed a little ghetto, but felt redeemed since I ate it on Spode (Ginny's Christmas china) while wearing ballet flats (one of my amazing Christmas gifts from Ginny)
Thanks Ginny for watching my kids and keeping me classy!

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  1. first thing I thought was -- hmmmm, cute shoes...

    definitely classy.