We came home from running some errands recently to find Ed and Mary (the kind, generous owners of the house on loan to us) filling our front yard planter with an amazing selection of succulents.
(Ed and Mary don't even understand how hip they are.)

Selma had a close encounter with one of the succulents yesterday.
no worries, though.
she's good.

speaking of worries, (seamless transition)
Sometimes I get so consumed with my own fears and hurts,
that I forget that people all around me
hurt too.

It's horrendous, I know.

So this week, my desire is that I would be attentive to the world around me;
that I would talk less about myself.
That I would ask better questions
and listen more keenly;
and that my prayers would be filled with the needs of others; not just my own.

do you have a hurt or a fear this week? can I pray for you?
send me an email,
or give me a call.


  1. aaaaghhh!! your cute little girl is ACCESSORIZING! and with my (current) favorite colors. I can't stand it. and those cheeks! and the little puckered lips!

    I'll stop now...but I'll send you an e-mail later today : )

  2. You are doing a lovely job at this. I think I counted five times you told people you'd pray for them yesterday, and you specifically asked for names. You inspire and challenge me. I'm praying for you!

  3. Glad I've stumbled across your blog. ;)