Jeremiah has gone home.
I will spend today doing laundry, scrubbing corners, sending emails . . .
and doing all those things that
get left undone when guests are around and I have better things to do like:

  • go to the zoo (that gorilla is amazing - he gets me every time)
  • race rowboats at the chapultepec pond (huh.  I'm way slower than I thought I would be)
  • souvenir shop for Jeremiah's bike shop connections (remember his connections?  he's got to keep everyone happy)
  • talk about all of Miah's genius ideas to make his bike shop the awesomest bike shop in town
  • talk extensively about the communication differences between someone who tends more towards being an introvert (Miah) and someone who tends more towards being an extrovert (me) . . . I obviously got the upper hand since we talked extensively about those things; Miah is a kind, patient brother.
I kind of like it that my day will be filled with tasks of the mundane sort - - it allows me to dwell a little bit longer on those times and conversations.


  1. Ahh, he didn't tell me about the row boats, but I did hear about the Panda

    1. yeah . . . the panda is cool - - but not as cool as the gorilla

  2. way to name drop and business drop...

    1. I'm totally expecting a cut of the increased profits