Today is Mother's day in Mexico.
Mother's day in Mexico is a pretty big deal.

So this morning I went to the kids' school (with a camera - - without an SD card), and listened to them sing songs and recite poetry that had lines like this:
"the morning that you were born, the flowers began to bloom"
"nightingales sang on the morning of your christening"
"your smile shines like the moon at night"

yeah, it was pretty awesome.
(Latinos have totally, totally got us North Americans beat on the poetic language thing)


  1. Happy Mother's Day (belated to you, but early here!) Naomi!
    Not only are you a wonderful friend (and many more things!) but also an awesome mama! Joshua and your kiddos are very blessed indeed.

  2. ah, Lory . . . you are kind! Happy mother's day!

  3. our neighbor mike has been playing Las Mananitas on his trumpet-very loudly all afternoon. I kind of like it; maybe you'll get a serenade at 2 AM, hope so.. .