Dear Friend,
I hung my laundry up on the roof today;  I wish you had been there with me.

I might have complained to you - just a little - about how gas prices seem to be significantly higher on this side of town, or I may have whispered to you about how there is a rumor going around that one of the neighbors has been switching out their empty gas tanks for our full ones;


mostly, I would have shown you the marvelous sights from our rooftop;

I would have pointed you towards the city center, and then the opposite direction towards Mexico City's gigantic, well loved Chapultepec park (we're only two metro stops away!).

I would have shown you the rooftop across the way with a beautiful garden, and the windows that look like they are straight out of Paris.

We would have heard some of Mexico's favorite tunes being played by a nearby hidden trumpeter, and I would have wondered out loud to you if they were practicing for Mexico's independence day celebration.

I would have shown you the tomato plants growing in the laundry cage next to mine, and we would have dreamed together about planting something beautiful and another something edible for the kids to tend for a school project.

I think you would have liked it!
I wish you had been there with me . . .


  1. my husband is coming to mexico city on saturday! for a conference for a few days!! so fun. someday i hope to see your city!

  2. oh yeah! we heard something was going on in the city . . . tell him to contact us! - will he have time for a coffee?

  3. I'm thinking how not many girls have a roof top view like that! Wish I could have been there too, to dream and to share. . .blessings

    1. I don't think I was in my groove enough when you were here to actually make it up to my roof for laundry! . . . next time!

  4. But I thought that Mexico's independence day was cinco de mayo? :)

    Sorry, I had to be very American there for a minute :P