Last week we met Yujin.
she was sent our way by Ariel (who we met 2 weeks ago)

Yujin - we quickly found out - was from Korea and had been backpacking around the world for the past seven months; and she needed a place to stay while she spent her last night in Mexico City.

It actually ended up being four nights (oops, I guess we misread that email . . . ) but it worked out well because Yujin was the best sort of last minute guest:
she told us all about the places she had been, the food she had eaten, and the ways that her trip had changed her life.  We pulled out our globe and she traced out her journey from one country to another.  She went on walks with us, made us a Korean dinner, lent the kids her camera, and introduced Josu and Selma to Korea's favorite pop singers.

We said our goodbye's on Wednesday.
The kids sent Yujin off with their favorite book and about a billion hugs
and she took a little piece of our heart
back to Korea.

(above: Malachai got his hand on Yujin's camera and took this sweet picture of us.  He also took pictures of an ambulance . . .  ) 


  1. hmmm, I love the whole thing. . .and be sure to record those as days of fruitful home school learning.

  2. awesomeness.
    and Malachai has mama's artistic touch!

  3. Naomi, Is that Younji Yu? If so, she was in my Spanish class at UNAM. That would be quite a coincidence if so...

    1. no, this was Yujin HA . . . just passing through the city for a few days (I bet they know each other, though :) )