How it went down: Friday's adventure

1. receive invitation from good friends to see Mexico City atop the turibus - - everyone's favorite city tour bus.
2. cancel school   get the kids excited about our field trip
3. wake up early; pack the sunscreen.
4. run to the metro; stop for some tamales along the way.
5. do that totally newbie thing where we take the metro the wrong way;  get out of the metro and turn around;  convince the kids that anyone could have made the same mistake. no biggie.
6. exit the correct metro stop (finally).  
7. realize that we only have 15 minutes to make it to the turibus instead of the 30 we had planned on
8. convince the kids that it will be super fun to run for a mile
9. tell my whimpering boy that his knee doesn't really hurt as much as he thinks it does; then cheer him on.
10. arrive, panting and sweating at the turibus one minute early.  
11. high fives all around
12. wait fifteen minutes for the bus to leave.
13. see our city; love it a little bit more than we did before.

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe you did it! You are such a foreigner with a camera!
    seriously, sounds like so much fun, and I'm thinking that might be an awesome thing to do with my little family--Also, Josu still has his cast???