We went for a walk yesterday afternoon.
Good thing we did.

If we hadn't, we wouldn't have run into the young mama who was there at the park when Josu broke his arm (you know - the one who was there with her curly-haired girly? - who gently approached and asked if she could do anything to help?); we wouldn't have had to opportunity to  introduced ourselves or to hear a slice of her life story, to exchange phone numbers or to make plans with her to meet up at the park.

If we hadn't, we wouldn't have stumbled upon those sculptures of fantastic, gigantic (what seemed to be) Chinese warrior heads.

If we hadn't, we wouldn't have crossed paths with our friend at a local restaurant;  we wouldn't have been able to smooch on her girl or hear about the business venture that she's excited about, and the other one that she's discouraged about.

We went for a walk.
Good thing we did.

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  1. being out and about in your community--such a good thing.