seven year old courage

We signed the kids up for three weeks of summer day camp at a school nearby;  (it's really only day care, but calling it "summer camp"  makes it sound way more fun, right?) We are hoping it will bump their Spanish skills up a notch  as well as allow us to meet some local families.

So yesterday Joshua and I sat at the dinner table talking over the dirty dishes;  Malachai and Selma had already gotten down from the table, but Josu lingered on a bit longer with us.  At a break in our conversation, he spoke up:
"I met a kid today"
Joshua and I paused.  "oh?"
"Yeah.  I went over to play with him even though he didn't invite me, and it was fine with him."

Then Josu got down from the table.  He was done;  he just wanted to let us know.

My heart was thumping;  I had a knot in my throat;
Joshua's eyes met mine.
We knew:
That had been an act of courage for our boy.

(sigh) . . . our tender, courageous boy.


  1. Oh what a sweet boy he is! Is he more introverted than your other two? I have one out of my four like this (ahem like me!) :) What a great moment for you and Joshua!

    1. Josu is definitely the most introverted of my three. (ok, fine. the ONLY introverted of my three) I was thankful that Joshua and I didn't miss this moment . . .