When Joshua and I found out that we would travel through Texas this summer for some conferences/training with ReachGlobal, we scrambled to contact family and plan some sort of get together.

and so we did what all Texans do for vacation - we mooched a river-house off of a generous, kind river-house owning friend,* and filled 2.5 days with all the essentials:

8 cousins sleeping in a 10x12 room?  (yep)
their parents all sharing the room next door? (sure now)
pingpong, bocci ball, and board games?  (of course)
minnow hunting and constant fishing?  (you bet)
ladies in the kitchen at the break of dawn flipping 5 dozen pancakes?  (that too)
Dads throwing slime balls and spinning kids silly in inner tubes?  (oh yeah)
mope a little about the siblings and the cousins who couldn't make it? (uh-huh)
bike rides, grasshopper hunts, fire ants, knitting, snuggles, hammock injuries, puzzles, quilting, and the world's most gigantic marshmallows?  (did you even have to ask?)

maybe the reason my suitcases are still sitting in my guest room - only halfway unpacked - is because I'm not quite ready to admit that it had to end.

* Thank you Chandler family!  you blessed us! 


  1. if we could have come we would have brought our giant pancake griddle to help out with breakfast...