It's Saturday; I thought we would do pancakes this morning. I'm trying to establish some more constant family rhythms, and as cliche as saturday morning pancakes may be, it's a doable and pleasant rhythm, I think.   

however. I am a moaning, miserable mess this morning - - laid up in bed with some sort of stomach bug, so we are not doing pancakes.  Instead, I am sipping on carbonated water and the kids are eating tamales (thanks to a good husband who ran to the tamale stand down the street before he left for his day full of meetings) 

Yesterday marked the end of the kids three weeks at summer camp. I'm calling it a success because:
  • we had a great family conversation on the heart issues of modesty when Josu came home worried because his dance class teacher kept telling him to "walk sexy"
  • Selma's Spanish has definitely perked up. She's doing so much better at keeping up with our "speak spanish outside of the home" policy.
  • we hookity-hooked it up with a couple of the kids (and their mamas) before we left. We exchanged phone numbers and are already thinking about how to plan regular get-togethers during the school year.  
  • and this, of course. Of course.

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  1. Those rhythms don't come naturally to me, but I see how my kids love them and seek them out. We'll do something once or twice and they refer to it fondly as a tradition :) Love your reflections on camp...and your beautiful profile picture!