We welcomed Sam to Mexico City (and our team!) last week;  she is here to help churches think about how they can use English classes to love and serve the city, to partner with a safe house that cares for hurting girls, and to be all around pretty awesome.  

To say that we are excited about her arrival is a serious understatement.

(and I'm not just saying that because she keeps washing my dishes and providing delightful conversation while she chops any vegetables I pass her way during dinner prep)

See? I said she was awesome . . . and she's just getting going!


  1. very cool! looks like Sam fits right in!

    1. yeah, I'm pretty sure you and Sam are BFF soul mates. you should come down and meet her!

    2. wait. is menewton Gabrielle or Mercy? because I Gab would really like Sam, but Mercy's the BFF soul mate.

    3. menewton is me, mercy....BFF soul mates? woah that's so awesome that i'm gonna need a few days to process that!

  2. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog (Project Day) several days ago, after your post on Cup of Jo. I'm a new follower now =)