Joshua texted me from Acapulco the other day - "take the kids out for hot chocolate, and tell them that I love them"  Gasp!  their very own drinks?  That's kind of a big deal in this sharing-obsessed, stingy thrifty family! So this morning we loaded up our art journals and our current read-aloud and headed to a nearby Starbucks.

An accordion player/singer made an appearance soon after we sat down and started our read-aloud.
He planted himself behind us and and sang his heart out. So we put down our book, gave him our rapt attention, and  slipped him a generous tip (important elements of cordial musician/photographer interaction)

I'm not totally sure,
but . . .
I'm pretty sure my Starbucks is way cooler than your Starbucks


  1. That does sound like a great Starbucks. And how sweet of your husband to send you out for a treat.