We were walking home from the library today when it started to rain.  "uh-oh" said Selma "I bet Papa is getting super wet right now in Acapulco; do you think the water is up to his middle?"  

My girl is trying to wrap her brain around what it means for her papa to be in flood-ravaged Acapulco.  It makes sense; Even Joshua and his team didn't really know what exactly they were headed into when they packed up Barry's truck with canned goods and tools on Sunday and drove to Acapulco. They knew that there was need, and they knew that there were churches on the ground - looking for ways  to care for their devastated communities. That was enough for them. Off they went.  

Joshua has been texting me with their news: It's hot; there are so, so many mosquitos; but it's all so good! He has spent time shoveling sticky, stinky mud out of homes, and hearing the stories of the families who are hurting. He has been sitting in on the meetings of the local pastors who are assessing the needs of their neighborhoods, strategizing how to implement care, and dialoging about how the richness of God's love is uniquely expressed both physically and verbally during times like these.  

We didn't make it to Acapulco with Joshua and his team this time around. 
Maybe next time.

For now we are cozy at home - - we cook dinner; we water the plants; we learn to spell and add.  
And we pray:
for a strong, healthy back for Papa as he shovels heavy mud;
for rich, meaningful conversations as the church leaders figure out what the needs of their neighborhoods are and how they can help;
for God's abundant care to be poured out on the needs of his people, and for his name to be displayed as radiant and beautiful as his people care for their communities.

We pray;
we are part of his team too.