My new year has started . . .  it has been filled with friends sharing meals in our home, legos on my coffee table, and a bit more fear and anger in my heart than I'm comfortable with (completely unrelated to the friends and the legos, I assure you.)

I have some ideas of things I would like to implement in this new year; they are vague ideas - swimming around somewhat aimlessly in my heart and mind:   I have a new stack of books piled onto my beside table that I'm purposing to read (but that stack may grow or shrink).  I have a new chore chart mapped out for my kiddos that I hope will keep us all a bit more disciplined and tidy (but - who knows?  I may need to shuffle those chores around).  I would like to sign up for a photography class (or maybe I should just sew more;  should I sew?)

Amidst my vague propositions for the new year, though, this one is certain:  I want to persistently seek the face of my Creator, and to delight in Him.

will shape every moment of every day this year.
It will be a filter for the books I read; it will influence the way I speak to my children when the chore chart isn't adhered to the way I was hoping it would be; it will  allow me to me to pursue personal projects for God's glory and not my own.

Seek the face of my Creator, and delight in Him.
This is what I was made for.


  1. ah yes. definitely along the same lines that I've been thinking over here. Vague notions rolling around but the one sure and same thing is to know my Maker better and let Him permeate my life and decisions.

    1. I'm looking forward to hashing out vague notions with you when you come in Feb!

  2. I would love to take a photography class with you... :) And I am inspired to take my vague notions and do more to refine them... Thank you for sharing what is rolling around in your mind and heart.

    1. I'll let you know when I take a class so you can join me ;-)