Malachai bought Selma a sparkling blue pendant for Christmas this year.
"it's made of real silver" the flea market vendor promised him.
(I'm pretty sure it's not)

This pendant is Selma's great treasure.

I heard Malachai scolding her the other day when he found out that she was wearing it when she rode the metro "Selmaaaaa . . . you wore it on the metro!? It could have been stolen!"
"Don't worry" she reassured him "I tucked it under my shirt so that no one could see it"
"Oh;  good."

Ah.  this is our city.  We are learning to thrive in it. 


  1. So why is her countenance so sad ? Sounds like all was okay at the end.

    1. no worries, Bill. I just grabbed her when she was passing so that I could snap a picture of her with her treasure. She may be a little bit miffed that I pulled her away from her dancing, but she's certainly not sad . . .

  2. I love this picture of sweet Selma