A Super Bowl party is a beautiful thing, isn't it? The way that can bring a group of people together into one room without any need for further explanation is pretty astounding (plus: good food, right?)  

Sunday afternoon we walked with our neighbors down to our friend Martha's house. Sure, we watched the game (kind of);  but mostly we piled our plates full of food and talked. We met Nic - a contractor who had arrived from London the day before, and gave him all our best tips for learning to love the city. We talked about how any major sporting event increases prostitution in the hosting city - and we prayed for the girls enslaved in this horrific injustice. We laughed with our neighbors as they shared with us everything they have learned about learning to love one another in the context of different cultures (she's American, he's Mexican). We did our best to get everyone in the room to sign up for the half marathon that our community group is running together . . . 

Also, did I mention the food?  

how was your party? what did you eat? what did you talk about? next year you are invited to our party, ok?

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  1. Looks like fun. We had a party too. It was for the SB but also my wife Lisa's Birthday party as well. My son and his wife was there with the 2 grandsons along with my wife's Filipino friends and relatives who helped prepare the meal. Her birthday is on Ground Hog day so it was a triple celebration. I might not make it there for your next SB party but may see you this summer with James Richardson and the rest of the "English Camp" team. God's Blessings on you and your family and the rest of your "team".