Tuesday,  August 25th
I love it when my kids pray. I especially love it when they pray at night - when we have nothing to do, no where to go, no food in front of our faces. . . and they always linger a little bit longer in their prayers.

It's like prayer becomes less of a task and more of a conversation.

So when I tucked the kids into bed tonight, I asked which of them wanted to pray for us. Josu jumped on it right away.
"go for it, Dude" I told him.
and he prayed - opening a window into his 8 year old soul:
"(deep sigh) God, please help me to understand what is going on in class, because sometimes I'm confused and I just don't know what to do . . . and that is really, really hard for me" 

And now I know what I'll be adding to my prayer list for my boy this week.  


  1. I can hear Josu's voice say, "really really" in that distinct way. And I will pray that for him too this week and beyond

    1. I know you are praying for him, mom! That's why this week has gone as well as it has!

  2. i just caught up on your posts. brave little kids, for sure! such a big adventure for them. i will pray for them, too.