On our walk to school we pass a street that glows from the rising sun.
This is good for my pre-coffee, still groggy, early morning soul.

Wednesday, August 27th.
I've been to beginning of the year meetings with all three of the kids teachers now. 

For these meetings, the parents file in to the classroom at the beginning of the school day and line up along the walls. The kids all sit at their desks doing copy work while the teacher lays down the law to the parents about her expectations - pretty standard stuff like:
No running during recess! If students aren't dressed in their complete uniform, they will be denied entrance to the school! Cut your kid's hair! We need a parent to plan the Independence Day celebration! Students must NOT push up their sweater sleeves during class time!

I have managed to introduce myself to parents from each class at the meetings, which I'm thankful for. So now, every morning on my way to school, I hope desperately (and I pray; I totally pray!) that I will recognize the parents that I've met; it's harder than you might think - there are so, so many mamas!
Any time I'm in the vicinity of the school, I walk around with a half-smile plastered on my face . . . and if I perceive even the slightest glimmer of recognition on someone's eyes, I say hello as fast as fast can be. 

It might take a while, but I'll get it eventually . . .


  1. Mmmm love this street corner. And love you.

  2. I feel like I need a trip again so I can walk with you and enjoy the sunrise, then drink coffee with you

  3. Great blogs about school prep. Busy times and oh so precious. We just completed our move, so kids could took over our 4 bdrm house so oldest will be in Kinder, nxt year, at local public school, while mom raises youngest one. I'd like to see her go back to teaching kinder at local Christian school (Legacy) when 2nd enters (price break). Mixed views on public schools - Common Core. Ugh! Our son Billy went to Christian schools from 3rd grade to graduate from Master's College in 2001/2002. I've had opportunity to teach CDRR, etc. in our Adult (Sunday) Bible Fellowship, and the shut-ins at a local adult care facility. Our "ABF" goes there about every 8 weeks, as a class mission for a short church service with Guitar and singing, a short message and communion.