double your running distance . . . just like that. easy.

Selma ate a pickle today
and I went for a run

not at the same time though.

But I'm not here tonight to tell you how cute Selma is when she wakes up from her nap and eats a pickle (she is cute though; isn't she cute?).

I'm here to tell you how to up your running distance in five easy steps:

1. decide to go for a quick run - - just real quick - - not long at all
2. don't look at a map before you leave
3. convince yourself that the weather is so nice - - you can run just a half a mile more
4. cut across from that one street to that other one that you are pretty sure meets up with that other street
5. turn around and run home. drag yourself up the hill.

just like that.


  1. easy!...the hardest part is getting yourself out there to run in the first place

  2. Yeah...that last bit- about dragging? that part- it sort of threw me off. Glad you got out to do it though (was the dragging bit on purpose? Was that part of the doubled distance?)

  3. oh my goodness, the dragging part was NOT on purpose! it was, indeed a natural consequence of the doubled distance.