unmet haircut expectations. and a trip

There were haircuts all around today.
Josu cried when he realized that his hair wouldn't be straight after the cut.
Malachai freaked out when I cut off the hair in front if his ear; he thinks they are sideburns, and he feels like a man when they grow long.

Tomorrow begins our long awaited trip to Idaho;
while we are there, I am going to:

1: spend long hours talking with my dear friend Evy (who expresses her gift of encouragement in the most marvelous way possible)

2. try to keep my boys and her boys from kicking each other in the face, because I know they are going to want to wrestle and play kung-fu all day long . . . and I know they are going to love it.

4. run a 10k with Evy (who am I kidding? I will probably run half of a 10k and then walk the other half)

3. make Jedi Knight costumes for all the boys in the house.

and then, after Idaho. . . we go to Texas! for Rachel's wedding!


  1. hmmm, we love our boys with haircuts and without haircuts. Yesterday I took the little Newtons to the library and we met a tiny girl with red hair. . .Julia told this little girl all about her cousin Selma with red hair-her cousin who is coming to Texas.
    Today the children went to their other grandparents and I thought how I should have checked books out of the library earlier in the week-so here the pile sits waiting for Malachai, Josu, and Selma to come to Texas.

  2. Yeah! Congratulations to Rachel!!!

  3. Uncle Brett says that curly hair is super cool.