ice cream for breakfast, of course

After we fed the kids their dinner we sent them upstairs - - and to bed. It turns out that along the way they remembered that 8 hours earlier I had promised them ice cream for dessert after dinner.

But I couldn't give them dessert.
the adult dinner table was set;
Catherine's famous blackened chicken was piping hot.
there was not time for a child's dessert.

so I did the only reasonble thing possible:
I promised them ice cream for breakfast the next morning.


  1. LOVE IT! What a fun mom you are...and practical, too...better than offerring ice cream in bed! So looking forward to your visit!

  2. yay! I can't wait to see you too!

    I realized one day - - as unhealthy as "ice cream for breakfast" sounds . . . If I am replacing dinner's dessert with it, then it's not really any worse, right? it's not ADDED sugar and fat - - it's reshuffled sugar and fat!

  3. Naomi, I hope I can be to everyone around me, what you are to me through things like this- a breath of whimsical, fresh and gracious air in the midst of parenting. I just love it. and you.

  4. dear heather,
    please leave comments on every single one of my posts. you make me feel ten times awesomer than I actually am! :)
    love you!