I buy my eggs at a little corner market next to the kid's school;  this is nice because I can buy them when I'm on my way home from picking the kids up from school - - which is about the time of day when my mind starts thinking about what meals I am going to feed my family during the next 24 hours.

So these eggs don't come in a dozen (nope . . . ); they are sold according to weight - - 1/2 kilo will get me about 8 medium sized eggs.  Also, they come packaged up in a plastic bag. That means that, between having to wrastle three children safely home and my own clumsiness, I can count on at least one of the eggs breaking before I get them from the corner market to my kitchen sink.

(any other questions about eggs?  anyone?  because I'm moving on . . . )

I was talking to a kind friend the other day about how I was adjusting to life in Mexico, and I told her that I think that I can compare my transition into my new culture to meeting someone new . . . has this ever happened to you?  Where you meet someone new, and you notice some flaws about her - - maybe she laughs too loud, or she has crooked teeth (or maybe she is very short and has freckles . . . )  and then, time goes by, and you spend time with this person; you laugh with her and cry with her and pray with her,  and before you know it, she is the most beautiful person you know - - her smile is lovely and her laugh is magical . . .
So I think I'm there:
noticing the flaws;
but I'm also hopeful, because I know that day will come,
when it will all be beautiful to me.


  1. I really like the image you shared at the end of your post:) Praying for you in this season of transition.

  2. could you bring your own egg carton to transport them home in? they might look at you kinda weird... but it would be worth it to save the eggs. i hate wasting food :/

  3. I like this post; thanks for sharing the image, makes me smile thinking about new and old places and friends

  4. black coffee?!
    Nathaniel thinks it is black bean juice.

    Also, I decided that I would fly down to Mexico City right now just to have a bite of your eggs... and the wonderful thing is you would probably give me a whole one all to myself AND I would get to sit and hang out with you which I really wish I could do right now.

  5. Hi Laura! - - and thanks for praying!

    Sarah - - I know, how hard can it be, right? I just need to buy eggs for once at a place that has cartons . . . and don't worry too much about those cracked eggs - - they usually get cooked up nice and fast once we get home.

    Abi - - the black coffee is totally a farce. I poured the coffee and thought it looked so nice without the milk that I took the picture before I poured it.
    also. YES. please come down; right. now. I miss you!