I found out last week that Selma's classroom has a window that opens up onto the street I walk along to pick her up from school.  And, on nice days - - when the window is left open, I can stand by the window and catch snippets of three year old chatter.  Yesterday I stood by the window, and I filtered out all the voices except for Selma's (it wasn't hard - - she yells):

I didn't hear her using any English (hurrah! that's new!);
her conversations seemed to be a fair mixture of Spanish and some sort of gibberish that I believe she thinks is Spanish (she's very cute!)

next week she is in a school play about Columbus' (apparent) discovery of America, and so we are practicing her lines;  she (as one of the natives) says:
siete nativos fuimos llevados a Espana
(seven of us natives were taken to Spain)

She's almost got it.

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  1. sweet selma. and look at those beautiful eyes!