we went to the zoo yesterday;  I was brave and took my camera with me; I don't often take my camera if we venture out in the city - - it seems to attract a lot of attention, which is exactly what everyone tells me not to do if I can help it (ha!  as if I'm not already attracting attention just by taking my children out with me!) 

So I'm wondering (eesh! Am I really saying this?) if I should use that birthday money that I've been saving, to  . . .
buy another camera;
Something smaller
that I can take out with me
into busy public spaces?

Do any of you have a point and shoot that you are crazy about?  please tell me about it! Rant and rave about it, and tell me what you love about it . . . please?


  1. Personally the canon SD 1200 are pretty awesome! Small, pretty light and quick. Worth it to me. Any type of the SD are great :) they take good photos.

  2. excellent! thanks for the tip, dre . . . I'm off to do my research!

  3. I used my nikon coolpix in the Dominican Republic and loved it. I couldn't carry a big camera in my bag - just too bulky and heavy. Plus, I wanted to be less conspicuous. I will be posting pics soon - so you can see if you think it will work. I love you! I miss you! There was a sweet Americana with flats, a skirt, and a scarf and a cute swirly bun at church in Jarabacoa. I never got to meet her (she's not with our mission group) but I had to repress the urge to give her a hug.