On Tuesday Joshua and I went to pick up Selma from school.  We stood in the schoolyard and watched her.
She went from friend to friend
calling out their names:
she put her arm around Alejandra and walked her to the gate;
she gave Diego a hearty pat on the back;
she crouched down by Mateo's baby brother and stroked  his head . . .

I laid in bed that night thinking about Selma - there is a bright light that glows inside of my  girl;
it radiates in her smile, it shines out through her eyes.
She thrives on relationships.
she is a lover.
I thanked God for the amazing way that he created her:
(He made her that way on purpose;
 He delighted in forming her that way)

and I asked God to please, please, enrapture her heart with Himself; 
to captivate her with his own divine love.
Because her light will shine brighter,
and her love will be sweeter
if she loves him most.

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  1. this was beautiful. and what a wonderful reminder on how to pray for our children, and also how to be thankful for specific things in our children.