This week we've been to the pharmacy (and the gratuitous pharmacy medic) more times than I like to in a seven day span.
we're ok:
just coughs and sore throats and some throw up.
no big deal.

I am pampering my family, maybe even a bit more than normal,
and I did take the prescription for antibiotics without putting up a fight;
because next week Gabrielle is coming for a quick visit;
we will be
exploring the city
trying new recipes
drinking multiple cups of coffee every day
and staying up late
talking about:  the books we have been reading, what it means for us to be the church, what we can do to embrace and love our cities, what pictures I should hang on my wall, how we can love our husbands better, the beautiful ways that God is challenging us to know him better, and the gentle ways that he is showing us that his plan for his church - his family - is even bigger and more amazing than what we previously thought.

(in fact, it's possible that we won't even sleep)

 I will pamper this family back to health! 

The horse is prepared
for the day of battle,
the victory belongs to the LORD
Proverbs 21:31

(certainly, this verse has implications for me, don't you think?)


  1. Oh man...how I wish I could listen to this conversation! Just to learn...hug yourself and your lovely sister for me ( we have not met in person, but I love her.)

  2. Pamper that family! I am sooooo excited! And I too and taking my vitamins--optimum health is essential for this amazing time we will have!

  3. !! how delightful! I hope you girls have such a wonderful time... actually, I am pretty sure you will have a wonderful time, even if everyone isn't all better.

  4. Praying for a quick recovery and a wonderful visit! Texas hugs!