Thursday:  Today is March 8th.  March 8th  is an important day for us because it is Rachel's  birthday.  Did you know that my older sister Rachel lived with us for five years in Spain?
it was awesome.
Rachel's birthday was a big deal in the Smith household.
It usually involved us taking the entire day to celebrate - we would take her downtown to a fancy coffee shop in the morning, then walk through a park in the afternoon, and then cook her dinner of choice in the evening, and give gifts, of course.

I kind of think all that celebrating may have been more fun for us than for her (crazy but true)

it's been two years now since we celebrated a birthday with Rachel,  but it's still weird for March 8th to come and go, and  not spend the entire day trying to make this year's birthday celebration be even better than the last.

So Rachel,  today Selma and I baked an apple tart to celebrate you.  We all cut your tart into slices and talked about the things we love about you and about how much we miss you.
We know you probably had an amazing celebration with that smokin' hot husband of yours by your side, but we sure do wish we could have tagged along too.  Our March 8th was a little drab without you!
Happy birthday, from your family in Mexico!


  1. hi naomi! not sure if you remember me, my husband and i had brunch with you, joshua and sharad several months back in boise. i "pop" in from time to time to read your posts, and thought i should stop "eavesdropping" and actually comment to say that i love your photographs and "blurbs!" -tracy

    1. um, Tracy - you tease me - of course we remember; we remember fondly and hope that we get a repeat soon (maybe you can "pop" in to Mexico City and we'll take you out for a Mexican breakfast!?) :) thanks for stopping by!