As we think about finding strategic housing,
we pull out our city maps,
travel  from metro stop to metro stop,
and try to have our eyes wide open to the beauty and needs of the neighborhoods that we explore.

Our hearts keep being drawn closer towards the city center - where the metro lines intertwine and promise to take us anywhere in the city - where there are few schools and fewer churches - where there is a constant hum of business and transport - where there are museums at an arms length whenever you decide you need one - where abundance and need mingle

So we spent a couple of nights at a hotel in the city center last week (thank you Joshua and Priceline for finding us a sweet-awesome hotel that fit within the Smith family budget);
We spent the mornings and afternoons wandering a fraction of city-center streets
and the evenings swimming in the Sheraton's very elegant, very deep swimming pool.

After all that, we're still not sure if we'll settle in one of these neighborhoods,
but at least we are another step closer.

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  1. so glad you got to take that little in-city vacation...we've done that here in sa before and it's surprisingly relaxing and fun!