Last week we had our pictures taken for our legal documents here in Mexico. 
instructions for these pictures were:
size - infantile 
color prints
white background
three pictures facing forward
three profile pictures
ears and forehead completely uncovered

interesting fact:
did you know that different countries have different requirements for legal pictures?  When Selma was born we had passport pictures taken at a local photography shop.  When we got to the American Embassy in Madrid to apply for her passport, they made us take new pictures of her . . . because the American passport size is different than the Spanish passport size.

I'm pretty sure we got the right size this time around, but I'm the tiniest bit nervous that - because I didn't gel my family's hair into place - they will have wandering wisps of hair on their forehead or ears and we will have to take our pictures all over again.

(seriously - I should have thought about the gel  . . . Mexicans highly prioritize gel.  why didn't I think about the gel?)


  1. You will have to post and let us know if your photos get rejected for random wispiness. :)

    1. oh yes . . . believe me - I will let you know! :)

  2. I love this picture of Joshua...it makes me laugh. and clearly you did a good job cutting hair before picture day...