We made it to the anthropology museum this week.
The museum is pleasant enough - the archaeology the on ground floor is interesting, and the ethnography on the first floor is fantastic 
but maybe,
just maybe,
my favorite part of the museum is the gigantic, mushroom like structure placed in the center plaza;  water falls from the roof and drains through the floor.
Of course running through the cascade is strictly prohibited . . . but that doesn't mean we can't get


  1. and your skills with hair are fabuloso!

  2. Ah, getting very. very. close with water can sometimes be so very. very. fun!

    (I am sort of jealous that your sweet girlie has such lovely, straight, designable hair.)

  3. Uncle Brett says this was a PERFECT family outing! Did you know that the Museo Antropológico in Mexico City is one of the most famous buildings of modern architecture??? That view of the mushroom column is in all the history books. Can I use your photo for future papers I write? I promise I'll cite it properly, like this.

    Image: Smith, Naomi (used with permission)

    1. ah-HA! I knew I had a little bit of architect in me! (of course you can use the picture, but, with it being all important and stuff, you should really come see it for yourself . . . and bring your cute wife and handsome son along with you!)