Joshua loves a good party.
Poor guy is married to me - - world's worst party planner.

This year though, I had enough wits about me to start planning a whole month before his birthday (was there some divine involvement there?  very possibly )

We sweet-talked SeƱora Aida (remember her?  we first met her here) into pulling her street grill up onto our rooftop and making tlacoyos and quesadillas for us.  This was absolutely perfect, because I didn't have to cook a single thing, and I spent all night long introducing our guests to each other, which is exactly what I wanted to do because one of my favorite things ever is bringing together all of our friends from all of our spheres of life and making them realize that they should be friends too.

and it was perfect.

p.s. you wish you had been there yourself and you just can't get enough pictures?  (I thought so; I wish you had been there too!)  look here

Happy Birthday Joshua!
your passion for friendships,
your love for Jesus,
your tender care for our family,
your laugh,
your thoughtful questions,

make every 
more beautiful; 
and you are worth celebrating.


  1. Winner. You are the winner for the world's most awesome party. So wish we could have been there. We are going to have to have a party on our roof too--surely we could figure this out...

    1. (ha! you made me almost snort water out my nose)

      if you had a party on your rooftop, you would be the SUPER winner!

  2. I would have loved to be there... and I definitely can't wait to be invited to a party on Gab's rooftop. :)

    1. When Gab has a party on her rooftop, I'm flying up from Mexico (see you there!)