There is a fantastic little restaurant named Volver down the street from us;  they serve a good cup of coffee and great plate of chilquiles (every Mexican's favorite breakfast).

We've made this place our own;  We've made it our business to find out the life stories of every waiter, to wave to the cooks and baristas whenever we walk by on our way to the park,  to pet every dog tied to the table of every hipster that eats there, and to dote on every baby that shows up.

And sweet Diana (restaurant owner-turned-friend) is lovely and accommodating;  She greets us with a kiss every time,  lets us spread out with our school supplies for as long as we want, and has never once complained about the scooters and helmets that my kiddos leave piled at her entryway.

we make a good pair, I think - Volver and the Smith family.

So I wonder - do you have a place to call your own?  A place to know and to be known?  I know that every family has different life patterns and different activities that they enjoy (mine just happens to involve food almost every time) I'm fascinated to hear about your place;  come on now - tell me!

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  1. This for sure is one of the things I LOVE most about Spain! All the places we walk to, the people we have met, the places we go every day, etc. It's totally a different way of living and I absolutely love it!!