Papi (my dad) finds things.
It's true! I'm pretty sure that when I was in high school, he built his entire tool collection by spotting loose tools on the side of the highway, pulling over, and running back to pick them up (this may not be legal;  please don't report him)

Ever since he started riding his road bike a million miles a month, his RTPW (roadside treasures per week) has reached new highs.

Last week Papi sent us an iPod - rescued off the side of the road during a recent ride.
the screen is cracked,
and we can't see any images on it.
the sound usually works . . .

So we're pretty happy.
(thanks Papi!) 


  1. how do you guys find the music if you can't see the screen??? and whyyyyyy didn't he send it to me??

    1. well, we DON'T find any music, we just downloaded a bunch of songs and let it plaaaaaaaay! If you want one you should put in your request; I bet he could find one for his baby girl too.

  2. oh my goodness this is sooo true. he's always coming over with some new treasure he found on the side of the road; most recently it was one of those new nice samsung galaxy phones.

  3. Ok!!!! I do find things. The screen to that i-pod can be bought for about $5 on ebay and switched out by some handy tinker. I didn't do it because I found an 8 gig i-pod that didn't need any help. Today I found a nice 25 foot measuring tape. Do you have a finding list for me? love, papi