Dear Gabrielle,

How are you?  I've been thinking about the green pastures that your wrote about last week, and my eyes have been attentive to the glimpses of life and beauty that God has placed throughout my days; thank you for your reminder!

I told you that we passed out sugar cookies to our neighbors on Valentine's day, right?  And I told you that even though we knocked on all the doors, almost no-one was home home, so we ended up hanging most of the cookie bags on the neighbor's doorknobs? Well, I bumped into one of those neighbors recently; She hugged me thanked me again and again for having given her the cookies; she told me that when we hung those cookies on her door that night, she was at home - all alone - feeling like no one cared about her.  When she finally got to the door and found our cookies hanging there, she cried and ate her share of the cookies, and then she ate her roommates share too.

I think she thanked me ten times for those goopy, excessively pink cookies. (ah - it wasn't really about the cookies, was it?)

I have relished this run-in with my neighbor because of the way that it has caused me to pause and remember that sometimes, sometimes - the blessing of our kindness extends beyond our field of vision . . . and I'm pushed forward to keep showing kindness even when it doesn't seem to make a difference.

love you,

p.s. I have been going through Selma's clothes, pulling out the ones that she has outgrown - tucking them into a suitcase to give to Abi's girls when I see her next month.  It always makes me smile a goofy, sappy smile when I pass on the clothes that your girls have passed on to Selma; they are only clothes, I know, but they are clothes that are forming a trail of memories behind them (hooray for meaningful hand-me-downs!)

check out what Gabrielle has to say on her side of the world (I mean  . . . just north of the border)!
Also - whoah - I posted about kindness last week too;  I guess it's what I'm thinking about lately.

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