Oh my,  Gabrielle . . .
my week was amazing

I spent every day doing things like:
hugging all of the bride's friends, 
taking them to our favorite taco stands,
and joining with them to do important things (stuffing candles into candlesticks, for example)

And then,
I spent all weekend doing this:

(best party ever!)

I wish you had been there; you would have loved it,

p.s. the groom wore gray. . . also, did you see that picture of me and Joshua dancing? Thank you, mystery photographer for picking up my camera and capturing our sweet dance moves.

Ah, so you finished reading my (tiny) post, and your cup of coffee is still full? head over to Gabrielle's post to read her thoughts; it will make your day better - I promise!


  1. Oh my goodness what a beautiful wedding. I do wish I had been there. Congratulations to the two of them!

  2. Oh my goodness Naomi!! I absolutely love your post and the photos! :-) Thank you thank you thank you!

    1. I thought my pictures were *pretty good* ;) . . . but they don't even come CLOSE to capturing the beauty that filled your wedding, Renée! (it was so, so full of love!)

  3. and, I just went to a wedding on Saturday and the bridesmaids had the same dress as Sam, with a few variations...

    1. yeah, Sam rocked it! you should have seen her dance - her dress was all swooshy and flowy . . . the perfect companion to her sweet-awesome dance moves

  4. ...currently experiencing wedding envy