Here's to friends who will marry soon.
Here's to the treck up five flights of stairs to get to the cute little rooftop apartment that will soon be their home.
Here's to red tile floors and a kitchen so tiny that the fridge has to sit in the livingroom.
Here's to the beautiful afternoon light that streams through the windows, and a terrace that whispers promises of summer barbeques and serves up a great view of the city.

Here's to friends who take us seriously when we say we want to help - who hand over a broom, a rag and a squirt bottle to three crazy children; who cheer those children on even when their work looks like it may actually produce more mess than help

Here's to the amazing apple tart that we bought at the french bakery - that we bought to give our friends but that they shared generously with us

Here's to cold drinks after an hour of scrubbing soot and grease off of the kitchen ceiling (which would have been much more complicated with a bigger kitchen)  

Here's to our dear friends Bruno and Renée . . .
and to their love!


  1. THAT'S THE KITCHEN??? No freakin' WAY.

    1. i know! (the view makes up for it though)

    2. Yes it's beautiful the kitchen don't you think Jennifer? Thank you some much for your words and for your help Naomi, we love the enthusiasm of your kids!! And this tiny house has a big heart ready to receive everybody! :)

    3. Bruno! "this tiny house has a big heart ready to receive everybody"!? eres un Mexicano poetico ejemplar! THIS is one of the things we love so much about our Mexican friends - your beautiful, generous friendship! :)