Friday is usually Joshua's day off.
It just so happens that the kids don't have class the last Friday of the month (teacher planning day).

So this past Friday morning we headed out into the neighborhood to one of our favorite coffee shops. The coffee shop was so crowded that we couldn't find a spot to sit inside (it's that awesome).

No big deal.

We just squeezed ourselves onto the tiny benches set up on the sidewalk and drank our coffee outside.  It worked out better that way anyways - we were able to simultaneously cheer our kids on as they did some sweet tricks on their skateboards and warn them not to hit the hipsters coming out of the coffee shop.

Also, as we sipped our coffee we met a sweet little family; we exchanged phone numbers and planned a play date.

I'm totally drinking my coffee outside next time.
The sidewalk is where it's at.

So, here's the deal: Joshua and I really like to take family walks, and we think that drinking coffee at a hip local coffee shop is pretty awesome - but mostly - we love meeting people.  How do you meet your neighbors? 


  1. oh my goodness...i love these photos but especially the last one, haha!

    1. the boys were being soooo sweet with that little guy; l was soaking it up!

  2. LOVE the fourth picture especially!

  3. I can't decide between the 4th or the 5th picture, they are both (and the rest of them) so amazing! Has someone been taking a photography class???? And definitely outside is the way to go. Tis the time of year around here that everyone starts to go outside, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of my neighbors again.